Human connection

Human connection is also a rarely talked topic. Have you ever seen people so into the conversation, or into the person they’re talking to? It’s Human connection, it’s such a precious thing we have. It’s like a wifi connection, and when you lose wifi, don’t we just get bored? Human interaction is more to it than that. The news of how this one person’s father passed away, crushed their heart. Bonding with someone is such a precious thing that we shouldn’t take for granted. We can be careless around them, or lo-key hurt their feelings and we wouldn’t know and than next thing you know, their gone, or even have the best moments with them, live life till the fullest. It’s like that person had a unique personality, the one you’ll never find ever, and just the thought of NEVER, seeing them again, that the last laugh you had was the one that brought you joy, and you’ll never be able to meet someone exactly like them, because each human is like a snowflake, no two snowflakes are alike, unless you’re a doppelgänger. But the thing is, everyone dies, and it’s a matter that one of you had to die first even if it’s painful, faith is always in our hands.

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