Sunflower or Rose?

Would you rather be a sunflower in a rose field or a rose in a sunflower field?

I feel that this question doesn’t get asked much, like in general. It’s interesting to see what others view a sunflower as and a rose as. A sunflower is usually described as a bright and outgoing shiny flower, but a rose on the other hand is described as strong and Beautiful. Sunflowers can be beautiful too but why would a rose be considered more beautiful? Comparing both of them, they are both flowers, both have a stem, both have petals, but a rose has thorns. It’s almost as thorns are a way for it to protect itself from harm, or from getting picked by the wrong person. Sunflowers don’t have thorns, but than again when have you seen someone give someone a sunflower? Other than the movie Shrek where he gives a sunflower to Fiona. If someone were to ask me, “are you a rose in a sunflower field or a sunflower in a rose field” My answer would be both; I feel that each flower has it’s uniqueness, that just because a rose looks extravagant & beautiful, and a little sunflower looks bright & outgoing, sometimes the beautiful ones don’t get picked because of the flaw of thorns, and we all have flaws, but I also choose myself and want to be chosen, so I’m a sunflower

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